13 Nepali Romance Novels That Will Make You Fall in Love

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The best romance novels can make you feel like you’re falling in love—intimate and personal while still being vast and life-changing. Nepali novels never fail to touch the string of emotions of the readers with their excellent plot, storyline, and realistic characters.

Our generation has been so influenced by western culture that they are now unaware of the existence of Nepali literature. They are more interested in reading foreign novels and literature than in reading Nepali literature. Many of the books aren’t only about romance; they’re great reads regardless of whether or not you’re a romance fan or reader. The following novels are the best Nepali romance novels with great stories in them.

1. Palpasa Cafe- Narayan Wagle

Palpasa Cafe portrays the situation and events of the Nepali Civil War while also telling the story of Drishya and Palpasa’s romantic love story. This book has been translated into several languages. A journalist by profession, Wagle won the Madan Puraskar for the book. It is also one of the best-selling Nepali books.


2. Pallo Gharko Jhyal- Govinda Bahadur Malla

This story is about a young Newari bride, who gradually gets enamored with the attractive and shady man who comes to visit the house directly across the street from her window every day. She has settled into an arranged marriage and the struggle between social obligation and sexual passion is what this novel tries to depict.

pallo gharko jhyal

3. Sirishko Ful- Parijat

What sets the book unique from others is its bitter and sorrowful story, as well as its exploration into the deepest thoughts of the main character. Sakambari is portrayed in the book as ‘sirish’ from which the book’s title is derived. Suyog is overcome with self-hatred as a result of his passion for Sakambari. His sense of love and the fact that life is painful shakes him to his core. Sakambari, like a flower, gives up and withers away.

sirishko ful

4. Durbar Bahiraki Maharani- Nagendra Neupane

The story follows King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah and Gita, a palace worker when Mahendra was a prince. The physical relationship between Prince Mahendra and Geeta is revealed in this novel. Mahendra’s son Rabindra was born as a result of this love affair. In the palace, Rabindra was regarded as an unauthorized Prince along with his mother Geeta.

durbar bahiraki maharani

5. Sumnima- B.P. Koirala

Sumnima is a psychological love story about a Brahmin guy named Somdutta and a Kirati girl, whose name is derived from the title of the novel. The plot revolves around the difficult issues that develop in a love affair relationship. The Brahmin boy is dedicated to his spiritual goals, but he is tempted by the attractiveness of a lovely woman. The spiritual side of humans is depicted in one portion, while the material side is depicted in the other.


6. Ek Sarko Maya-G.S. Poudel

This novel is based on Raudha Atif, a Maldivian model’s fantasy love story, which depicts a previously unseen aspect of human life. The ups and downs of the plot, as well as the disclosure of the unpleasant truths of several characters who Aalok Sharma blindly trusted, add fresh layers to the story. His love affair with Raudha takes up nearly half of the book. 

ek sarko maya

7. Pagal Basti- Saru Bhakta

With the guidance of the leader ‘Aadhiguru’, a group of persons who were not accepted by our so-called society founded their society. The story is told by the character ‘Martha’, also known as ‘Aadhimata’, who was Aadhiguru’s ex-lover. She travels to Pagal Basti to visit him and stays for a long time, telling the narrative to a writer who comes to her to learn about Pagal Basti.

pagal basti

8. Summer Love- Subin Bhattarai

Published in 2012, it is also one of the best-selling Nepali novels. Part two, titled ‘Saya,’ continues the story of summer love. It tells the narrative of Atit and Saya, a young boy and a young girl who fall in love. The novel describes the ups and downs that come with their relationship. It also demonstrates how misunderstandings arise and how to prevent them.

summer love

9. Monsoon- Subin Bhattrai

Another male-centered romance from the author of Summer Love. In this book, Bhattarai has presented a slightly different and more mature love affair. He has dealt with a one-sided love affair in this new book. Monsoon can be taken as a metaphor for love, how love can be unpredictable with its peaks and valleys.


10. Radha- Krishna Dharabasi

Radha, the famed Mahabharat lady figure, is the focus of the story.  Dharabasi tells a fictional account of her life throughout her younger years of infatuation with Krishna and after their breakup. Overall, the novel is sympathetic to women and provides a constructive message to current society.


11. Muna Madan-Laxmi Prasad Devkota

Muna Madan is a folk epic written in poetry form that tells the tragic narrative of Muna and Madan. The story follows Madan, a guy who leaves his wife Muna and travels to Lhasa in order to get money. His friends later abandon the unwell Madan on the roads and inform his family that he has died. The narrative depicts the deception of a poor woman who has suffered greatly without her spouse.

muna madan

12. Kathaki Patra- Subin Bhattrai

A wonderful love story between the husband and wife emerges after an arranged marriage. However, their romance does not end happily. This narrative also beautifully depicts the current state of our society.

kathaki patra

13. Miss You- Saroj Regmi

Miss you is a simple fictional love story. The story begins with a character named Prayash’s childhood along with his friends Samrat and Sulav. In terms of love, their life changes with time. It is a must-read for melodrama enthusiasts.

miss you
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