13 Things Newari People Are Tired of Hearing from Everyone

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While Nepal is a multi-cultural and multi-lingual country, little can we do is end stereotypes that come along with the essence of being a culturally rich nation.

Be it Brahmins, Madhesi, Dalit, Rai, or Newars, every community runs the danger of being stereotyped because of its peculiarities. Words, phrases, expectations… the lists of stereotypes are endless. When people repeat these, it can be very annoying because you don’t know how to tell them that these are ‘images’ created by society and that reality may be very different.

Being a Newar, there are certain questions, and phrases, which Newars keep on hearing. Here are 13 things that Newars is tired of hearing.

1. “Timilai Newari bolna aauxa?”

Whenever we introduce ourselves as Newar, we get questioned if we can talk Newari, followed by “Kata ko newar ho?”. It’s a big deal if we say we don’t speak Newari.

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2. “Yo Newari ma translate gardeuna”

If you know the Newari language, your friend will ask you to translate sentences into Newari so that they can impress their Newari crush.

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3. “Hamilai ni bhoj khana bolauna”

Newars love their bhoj and so does their non-newar friend. Our friend always asks us to invite them to Bhoj. Why not? Newari bhoj is a pure delicacy.

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4. “Malai pani yomori hai”

Every Newar gets the order of Yomori when Yomori Purnima arrives. It’s a really hard job to make Yomori for everyone. Sometimes it takes our soul.

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5. “Oi Jyapu”

This really offends all of us.

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6. “Yesle ta buff khaihalxa ni”

The stereotypical way they say it. It sucks!

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7. “Choila leraideuna”

Just like Yomori, people love this Newari dish. And once again, we get lots of orders for this delicacy.

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8. “Kaile dekhi raksi khanu thaleko”

Drinking alcohol is a part of a tradition in the Newari community. Most Newari starts drinking from a young age.


9. “Corona ko bela ni jatra”

It created a huge controversy back then. People prefer not to speak about this again.

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10. “Timro ‘ta’ ni testai raixa”

Newars always get trolled for the tone they produce while pronouncing some words. People even tease them by trying to imitate this tone.

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11. “Kasto conservative socha hai newar haru”

Most people believe that Newars are conservative. Maybe it’s because they are very sensitive about their culture and traditions.

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12. “Tero ghar ma banako chyang leraidena”

Our alcoholic friends are fans of the local chyang that are produced in the home of Newars.

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13. “Newar vayera ni raksi/ masu nakhaney”

In case some Newar are non-alcoholic/ vegetarian, they will hear this line more than often.

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