15 Fun and Sexy Couple’s Games To Play With Your Significant Other

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Are you looking for a way to spice up your relationship and have a good time with your partner? Do you want to try something new to boost your relationship with your significant other?

We’ve compiled a list of 15 fun and sensual couple’s games, ranging from romantic to filthy so that couples can try to get to know one another and play with their significant other.

Fun games to get to know your partner:

1. Truth or Dare

Who doesn’t enjoy truth or dare, a traditional game for friends and couples alike? You can choose deep, thought-provoking questions, or use the questions designed to help individuals fall in love to increase the closeness. Of course, your dares can be as harmless or as risqué as you choose.

2. Never Have I Ever

It’s easy to learn how to play this game if you’ve never done so before. Hold your partner’s hands and take turns saying ‘Never have I ever…’ while you share a statement about something you’ve never done. You can learn more about your partner this way.

Board and card games to play at home:

3. Use your mouth 

You can enjoy the card game with your partner. They’re conversation starter cards, so, they’re perfect for those who want to try new things and ask questions they wouldn’t ordinarily.

4. Twister

This game can help you in being present in the moment. Challenge your partner to put their hands and feet in different places on the mat without falling over if you truly want to get into play mode.

5. Fog of love

Fog of Love is a two-player board game in which you and your companion must navigate a fictitious romance. Each of you has two characters that fall in love, and it’s up to you to keep them together. You’ll go through ups and downs, laughs, and a good bit of uncomfortable conversations and compromise as this pair.

6. Monogamy

It’s the perfect game for two couples. At the intimate pink level, you can begin by talking and laughing. Then it progresses to the passionate purple level, which elicits sensual and exciting movements. It’s a fantastic technique to break free from a sexual rut.

7. 52 weeks games for couples

This card game is an excellent method for you and your spouse to try new things, both romantic and filthy. Each card in the Sexploration Vouchers deck has a unique task, with one half being more cute and romantic and the other being a little dirtier.

Sexy games:

8. Sex dice

The goal of this dice game is to increase the sexual tension and encourage foreplay. Instead of numbers, each face of the dice bears the name of a body part, which must be given sexual attention when the die is thrown. SO, you can try this game with your partner.

9. Sexy mad libs

This game is a fun way to discover and share your desires with your spouse. You may find free downloads of sexy Mad Lib outlines online, or you can go the additional mile and completely make your own, filling in the blanks with your own adjectives and nouns to create one intriguing story.

10. Jar or Desire

You can play this game with your partner by writing 10 to 20 sexual-related questions, themes, or likes/things they’d like to try in the jar. Pick at random from the jar throughout the week (or night). Regardless of which card you draw, you and your partner can discuss it verbally or physically.

11. Talk, flirt, dare

Enjoy talking, flirting, and playing dare card games with your partner. For a sexier take on Truth or Dare, it features intriguing discussion starters and questions, seductive activities, and erotic dares. The “Talk” cards are ideal for a group of friends or couples, whereas the flirty and dare cards can be kept exclusively for you and your partner.

12. Nooki

This game helps to increase intimacy with your partner. It’s all about the teasing and developing suspense, so make sure you and your partner are in the mood for something naughty and encourage you to work your way around each other’s body rather than onboard.

13. Find the Honey

It is played by blindfolding yourself and placing honey (or chocolate syrup or whipped cream, etc.) on your partner’s body. Then locate the honey using only your mouth or tongue. Whether you’re just starting out dating or have been together for years, every couple can find a way to add a bit extra fun to their relationship.

You may have a good time, spice up your bedroom, and discover more about each other while playing this game.

Drinking Games:

14. Kinky Confession

You can play this game with up to five players or by yourself, with each card prompting you to choose between two options. And you must forfeit if you do not wish to answer the question. You can play this game without drinking, and the “forfeit” take can be whatever you wish.

It’s a game similar to truth or dare or would you prefer. So, when you’re at home, you can play this game with your spouse.

15. Beer pong

For beer pong fans, you can easily change this classic drinking game for couples by placing truth-or-dare questions or tasks under each of your cups. Toss a ping pong ball across a table with the goal of landing it in a beer cup at the opposite end.  When you acquire a ball in that cup, your significant other must either answer the question or do the dare beneath it.

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