17 Signs That Prove You Are Jhapali

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Jhapali people are entertaining. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Jhapalis make Nepal a fun place to live. If you don’t believe it, just look at KP Oli. He is a typical Jhapali and of course, he provides free entertainment to the whole nation.

We all have a Jhapali friend who always gives us free entertainment. Due to the high influence, you may have become a Jhapali too. Here are 17 signs to prove that you are Jhapali.

1. You are obsessed with supari

Jhapa has a large production of supari and Jhapali makes sure they don’t waste their production. There is high production and consumption of supari in Jhapa. Jhapali always loves to keep supari in their mouth.

2. You love to flex

Flexing should be adjective for Jhapali. They love to flex their things around. They also flex others about their district.

3. Sarcasm and wit run through your veins

Sarcasm runs through the veins of Jhapali. Intentionally or unintentionally, they deliver sarcastic statements quite often.

4. Nobody takes you seriously

Where are you from? I am from Jhapa… And from this point, they will stop taking you seriously. Instead, you are taken as entertainment material.

5. You are popular

A guy from Jhapa is always popular for good or bad reasons. They are good at building their fanbase thanks to their ‘guff’.

6. Your GF gets angry since you can’t keep your promise

Jhapali and promise? They are not good at keeping their promise. We warn you to never trust Jhapali when they say ‘Kasam’. Do you remember once a Jhapali promised, “I will bring ‘Pani Jahaj’”, and the rest is history?


7. You are a gafadi and keep talking 24/7

Jhapali can talk 24/7 non-stop. They are never tired of talking. They love to talk and just enjoy. If anyone has ever called you guffadi, then congrats you are a Jhapali. We all know about the ‘guff’ of Jhapali, they are interesting to hear right?

8. Tried to scam your friend

Jhapalis are always trying to scam the people around. Stay alert if you are buying anything from Jhapali.

9. You are a tea lover

Jhapa produces most tea in Nepal. Jhapali loves their tea as much as they love their guff. ‘Chiya Guff’ that’s what they love to do.

10. Keep using slang words

Jhapali keeps using slang words in every sentence. No jhapali has ever said two sentences without slang.

11. You love to borrow everything to complete your work

Jhapali relies on their friends if they want to complete their work. From school projects to building stadiums, they always keep asking for help.

12. You have highlighted your hair once in your life

Jhapali loves their hair to keep highlighted. Most of the Jhapali have their hair colored.

13. There is a politician in your house

In Jhapa, every home has one politician at least in their house. Just like tea, Jhapa also produces a lot of politicians. KP Oli, Krishna Prasad Sitaula, Rajendra Lingden are just a few among them.

15. You have high knowledge of the diverse subject

If you ever see a person in ‘chiya pasal’ talking about Politics, Sports, Culture, Tradition, and Economy then you should understand he/she is a Jhapali.

16. Give unnecessary opinion

Jhapalis are also experts in giving their unwanted opinion on every matter. They love to do this and no one can stop them.

17. You haven’t returned back money that you owe to your friend

Jhapali friend returning money? No! that’s not going to happen.

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