23 Best Genshin Impact Pickup Lines to Impress Your Gamer Crush

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Genshin pickup lines

Are you a gamer or just a Genshin Impact fanatic that has a special someone who also loves video games? Then, fret not, we have collected 23 best genshin impact pickup lines that will blow both you and your crush’s mind.

Why? you may ask. Well, these pickup lines holds an flirty and cheesy punch on it. These collection also offers some chat-up lines inspired by Genshin Impact game and we sure it will work if your crush also loves this video game.

As it’s dangerous to go alone, take these Genshin Impact pickup lines and make your first move on your gamer crush! Good luck with it.

1. “Hey, are you a commission? Because I’d love to do you four times a day.”

2. “Join the Arataki gang and I’ll show you what dreams are made of?”

3. “Hey, are you Lumine? Because I can be Lu and you can be Mine!”

4. “Inazuma shines Eternal so, do you!”

5. “Are you geo? I want you because you are down to earth!”

6. “Are you hydro? Because you make me wet!”

7. “Is your name Itto? Because you’re my one and oni.”

8. “Are you the unusual hillichurl? Cause I want to show you da wei to my heart.”

9. “Are you almond tofu? Because you taste like my dreams.”

10. “Do you have a pyro vision? Cause you sure are hot!”

11. “Hey, are you a limited 5* character? Cause I’m always wishing for you to be mine~”

12. “I can be the pyro to your dendro, because my love for you is burning passionately.”

13. “You are like mora – I’ll never have enough of you!”

14. “Are you Diluc? Cause I wont mind losing 50/50 to you.”

15. “Are you weaker to burst damage or damage over time?”

16. “Do me like a dutiful maid would!”

17. “Hey, let’s check our synergy. Do we react or resonate?”

18. “Hey, you! Yes, you just teleported into my heart.”

19. “You must be anemo because your beauty blows me away!”

20. “Your beauty shocked me, you must be an electro!”

21. “I can steal materials from your world but can I steal your heart?”

22. “I may main a crowd control character but why can’t I control my feelings for you?”

23. “Forget increasing my exploration, the only treasure I need is you Babe!”

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