Along With Politicians-13 Professions That Don’t Get the Respect They Deserve

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The truth is we choose our professions for a variety of reasons. It’s either for money, convenience, a lack of alternatives, or they simply enjoy doing it. As with any other walk of life, any race, any career, there are great people and there’s trash. Even if you achieve the height of achievement in your life, people are still there to judge you. There are no such things as great or small jobs. However, some career paths are regarded as superior to others in society. The following is a list of jobs that do not receive the respect they deserve.


Most view politicians as the world’s least respected and untrustworthy professionals. They appear to polarize rather than unite people, hold firm on morally and intellectually flawed topics, prioritize money over people, and much more. There are, however, good politicians who are concerned with the progress of the people and country. But, the view of the citizens is really skewed due to the bad politicians.

A Real Estate Agent

Let’s say real estate agents only have a limited amount of inventory or they don’t feel like doing much work. The profession of estate agent doesn’t have a very good reputation even though they are one of the most essential cogs in modern society.

Advertising Practitioners

The advertising profession is also full of stereotypes of cold, cunning marketing folks who are hypocritical and just care about selling whatever product they’re promoting, regardless of whether or not the product is safe.


Working in the service business will expose you to challenging scenarios that will necessitate greater effort and adaptability. Dealing with problematic customers is one such situation. You will come across difficult people who are cruel or have a negative attitude toward you.


One of the least neglected and respected is a receptionist. Being a receptionist entails dealing with any company issues that clients or other employees may encounter. Most customers will even use curse words to express their dissatisfaction with the receptionist.


The police have never really had a particularly good relationship with the citizens. The stereotype of the dishonest cop has long been a staple of popular culture. The public always blames the police for deploying unnecessary brute force as compared to not being able to solve crime cases, which results in injustice for the victim.

Bus Drivers

Bus drivers must deal with a variety of people. Some of them are rude, bothering them for bus fares, nagging them to stop in random locations without a bus stop, and so on. This causes them frustration, which leads to aggressive behavior.


Journalists are one pillar of the nation among the four. This job is currently causing controversy with a top journalist breaking the code of conduct. But, not all journalists should get a bad rep because of one.

Flight Attendant

Flight attendants are seen as no less than in-flight servants. They sleep less, work longer hours, earn less, and have to deal with a more impolite and demanding public.


On top of not getting paid nearly enough, teachers have to deal with ill-disciplined students who talk back and disrupt on purpose. And even worse, they have to deal with aggressive parents who come to complain and threaten often.

Garbage Collector

People have no idea what the garbage collectors do for us. They help us pass through our homes, streets, and cities without being surrounded by waste. We owe them at least a small debt of gratitude for enabling us to be healthy and happy while they handle the dirty work.

Construction workers

Being construction workers, people will never see the value in the work they do. It’s a difficult job that a lot of people don’t want to do. It breaks the body down, and people assume they are uneducated and not intelligent.

Insurance Agent

Insurance brokers have a bad reputation for pressuring consumers to buy insurance policies. The insurance industry is considered a sneaky and dishonest profession. People believe insurance agents just aim to gain money through their commission.

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