Malvika Subba Responds to Sushmita Regmi’s Allegations Amidst Social Media Trials, Says Victim Never Mentioned ‘Rape’

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Sushmita Regmi’s revelation of repeated sexual abuse stunned the entire nation. Many significant names were mentioned one by one during her portion of the story, including one of the most notable and emphasized names, Former Miss Nepal Malvika Subba.

Being an advocate of gender equality and one of the celebrity feminists from Nepal, netizens were quick to criticize Malvika on her different social media platforms. Netizens were looking for an explanation from her, which she recently released on her Instagram account.

Malvika Subba’s Justification

1. Sushmita Regmi didn’t explain her side of the story clearly, according to Malvika. And, to her knowledge, Sushmita had never mentioned the word ‘rape’ to her. Malvika felt surprised when the word ‘rape’ was lately combined with her name.

2. Malvika stated that she is willing to withdraw from any feminism and sexual violence platforms if it assists Sushmita’s recovery from the traumatic experiences.

3. Malvika urged all the Nepali netizens to refrain from demanding the abuser’s name or directing their hatred onto the victim.

4. When Sushmita Regmi disclosed her abuse story to Malvika in 2014, she hastened to trust the version told by others instead of listening to Sushmita’s side of the story. To make matters worse, Malvika mentioned her depression at that time and didn’t want to be part of an extremely toxic workplace.

5. The rumors about Sushmita and organizers’ affair reached Malvika’s ear. Ironically the age of consent in 2014 was 16, so she disregarded Susmita’s plea for help. As a result, she claimed that she had no idea what statutory rape or grooming entailed at the time.

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  1. Malvika is is layer she tried to save her face from Public
    she Believes in caste Based Discrimination