Nepali Parents Need to Stop Doing These 9 Things ASAP

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Nepali parents are very strange, one-of-a-kind, and lovable. They are willing to give up their dreams and, above all, they are very caring. However, they can’t understand their children. Generations have evolved with time, and they must adapt as well. Nonetheless, they believe the way they were raised is the best and want to raise us the same way they were raised, and that is very wrong.

Every generation is different and requires different parenting. Furthermore, they don’t listen to what we say because they feel that they are older and therefore know everything about the world. I’m not saying that’s wrong, but hearing the wishes of the children is very important too!

Here are 9 things that Nepali parents need to stop doing ASAP:

1. Discourage their children

Discouraging the children by telling them that they can’t win, or that they don’t have any talent, and that they should only focus on their education, will only lower their self-esteem. Instead, parents should encourage their children to do something they enjoy, such as sports, by assisting and supporting them.

2. Compare them with their friends

We are all unique, and it is the responsibility of our parents to pique our interests and support us. One may excel at studying while the other excels in extracurricular activities, so no parents should compare their children with one another.

3. Yell

If parents continue to yell at their children for their misdeeds rather than providing guidance, their children may hide things to avoid being yelled at again. They remain scared and may even lie. Parents can communicate with their children in a way that encourages them to openly express rather than hide their emotions.

4. Call your child a failure

Making mistakes and failing is an unavoidable part of life. Our parents, however, do not want us to fail in any way, whether it is an exam or a competition. Instead of being furious, parents can educate their children so that they would be more confident in the future to confront such obstacles.

5. Neglect sports

Sports and other extracurricular activities should not be discouraged by parents. Encouraging them to strike a balance between the two can be a beneficial factor in making the children happy and take interest in both.

6. Refuse independence

Parents don’t allow their young adult children to grow up and become independent thinking they are doing the right thing. While the parents believe they are doing the right thing, they are hurting their children by shielding them from life.

7. Restrict their child

It’s easier to get along with parents when the children don’t feel like their parents are suffocating them under restrictions. Parents should act as friends to their children, be their companions while at home and be their confidants in all matters.

8. Weekend curfew

After all, weekends are meant to be enjoyed, so parents should let their children go out. On other days, youngsters can work on their studies, and on weekends, they can have fun. Being strict and not allowing children to leave the house can cause them to hide things and deceive their parents.

9. Judge your friends of the opposite gender

While western parents urge their children to become friends with people of opposite genders, Nepali parents are concerned that their children will be drawn to bad company. They assume that boys and girls are so different that there will be some form of young romance if they encourage interaction.

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