No AC? No Problem – 7 Tips to Beat the Crap Out of This Summer Heat

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The summer is peaking and perhaps you might have felt that your place has become hotter than before. It’s possible that you prayed constantly for the rain to arrive soon so you could escape the heat for a number of hours.

The Urban Heat Island effect, mainly due to unplanned development, growing industrialization such as brick kilns, vehicle emissions, and deforestation are some of the causes of rising temperature in city areas including Kathmandu.

Everyone enjoys warm weather and sunny days. However, even those who eagerly anticipate the arrival of summer would agree that heat waves can be extremely uncomfortable. Everything appears to be going well until you have to stay inside.


On a hot summer day, going outside can be very difficult. Dehydration and fatigue are both easily caused by heat and sweat.

While Terai people are well aware of the troubles the peak summers bring, they are always on the hunt for new ways to escape the weather. Here, we present you some tips that can help you fight this intense heat wave and keep you cool in the scorching heat.

1. Avoid large protein-rich meals

In the summer, eating a large, protein-rich meal can warm the body and increase metabolic heat. Try protein-rich shakes made from a variety of berries to get the protein you need and prevent overheating in your body.


2. Make everything minter

Mint varieties can give the impression that the temperature is cooler than it actually is, even in sweltering conditions. Eating mints after meals, using a mint-scented air freshener, putting mint leaves in your water, and even applying peppermint essential oil to your body after a cold shower are all good ideas.

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3. Stay Hydrated

It should go without saying to make sure your body has enough water. You’ll sweat a lot, so it’s crucial to replenish your fluid levels by regularly drinking water. In extreme cases, dehydration can result in serious fatigue, weakness, and other illnesses.

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4. Take a lukewarm shower

While taking a cold shower in a hot climate may seem soothing and comforting, research suggests that doing so may actually make you feel hotter. This is so that your body doesn’t have to exert as much energy to warm up after a cool shower. Drinking warm water every day on a regular basis helps to cool your blood. Therefore, choosing it is a better choice.

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5. Avoid tea and coffee

Avoiding tea as Nepali might be too hard however, the consumption of nicotine and caffeine can also raise the body’s core temperature. They cause the blood vessels to constrict, warming the blood and making you feel warm and sweaty. Drink refreshing liquids like fruit juices, coconut water, and lemon water. Even drinking too much alcohol is to be avoided.


6. Wear loose cotton cloths

You may sweat more if you’re wearing dark, tightly fitted clothing. Choose loose, light-colored cotton clothing if you want to stay cool and prevent excessive perspiration. When you’re dressed in heavy clothing, your sweat doesn’t evaporate. In addition, wearing dark colors makes you feel hotter because they absorb more light wavelengths.

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7. Avoid Spicy food

Avoid eating outside as much as possible. Additionally, it is best to avoid spicy foods because they contain the chemical capsaicin, which causes your body to sweat more without increasing body temperature. Therefore, your body will produce more heat the more you eat. Heat is also produced inside the body as a result of increased metabolism. Try to spread out your meals throughout the day to avoid the same thing from happening.

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