Prensa Regmi: Small Girl Who Loves to Talk Big

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When people listen to the words of 9-year-old Prensa Regmi, many are stunned. While some are motivated by her words, most of us cringe. We wonder who could possibly be inside the soul of a young girl who speaks volumes.

She has left people in awe with the way she talks and the subject, she speaks about. People often wonder about their own time as a 9-year-old and reminisce about what they were like at her age.

While the 9-year-old is winning awards internationally for their social activism and helping needy people, she has also been a subject of bully and hate.

How did she gain such knowledge?

The intellect she possesses is really frightening. Even her parents Ram Krishna Regmi and Jayanti Regmi are unaware of where did she gain such knowledge. Her parents refuse to have taught her any such things and are truly amazed by her knowledge, courage, and her energy. They are also proud of her passion for social work. Prensa is a fourth grader and to be such good-spoken and intellectual at such an early age is really mindblowing. Let’s be real. Many of us could not even read a paragraph in front of a class at her age.


Is the girl under some spell?

The kind of things she says cannot be digested sometimes. At her age, young children are taught good things such as helping others, being kind, respecting elders, etc. And she possesses all such characteristics. But the girl speaks volumes. Her words seem only correct in the fantasy world and are far from the reality of normal people.

Despite her intelligence, she is still a child unaware of the actual world people live in. A girl living a fine life with her parents supporting her every move and being admired by the whole country for being a child activist can never know what problems people face in reality.

What did her social activism teach her?

When you are a social activist, you understand the pain and problems of people. Of course, not every people have a privileged life. She might have also encountered many such people and seeing their life, she had to understand that life is not fair. But no, she has to brag about life. This somewhat shows that she is just a child not knowing the actual weight of the words. It feels like her words came out straight out of the Moral Science Book.

Will she regret watching her younger self in the future?

Prensa is young and too naive. She is innocent and is simply saying the words that are actually taught in the school for young children. The talks may seem sweet but when she grows up, will she have the same perspective on life? It is easy for a child to say some kinds of stuff but when she grows up and faces the reality, she might look back on their younger self and feel sorry. She will even cringe for sure as well. But we wish she has the same perspective on life, helping the needy, and not speaking too much. She wishes to be a scientist so might just put her time into her studies.

Nevertheless, we are proud of her work. We simply disagree with some of the thoughts but what she is doing with her social activism is really inspiring. When many children are busy playing games and watching videos, Presna is going out in the field helping the needy. Though she needs a little guidance in her social interaction on sensitive issues. The girl is intelligent enough to understand these little issues and can work on herself.

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