Men, We Bet You Can’t Score 21/21 on This Quiz About Female Beauty Products

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female products quiz

We’ve compiled a list of 21 ridiculously difficult female beauty products for men to predict that even women are also bound to fail. You are a boss-level boyfriend of all time if you score 21/21.

So fasten your seatbelts, mate! Let’s take a look at these female beauty products and evaluate if you’re worth it!

Men, We Bet You Can’t Score 21/21 on This Quiz About Female Beauty Products

female products quiz

We've compiled a list of 21 ridiculously difficult female beauty products for men to predict that even women are also bound to fail. You are a boss-level boyfriend of all time if you score 21/21.

So fasten your seatbelts, mate! Let's take a look at these female beauty products and evaluate if you're worth it!

1. Which beauty product is shown in this image? (Hint: It's not an adult toy).

1. It's an exfoliating scrub.
2. It's a hair curler.
3. It's a trick question.
4. It's a foundation brush.

It looks almost the same as the traditional curling iron, but it will do your entire head in minutes, saving a lot of time and minimizing heat damage. 

2. What is this weird-looking thing that looks like an air pump?

1. It's a facial roller.
2. That is an air pump. Because it's a trick question.
3. Is that a dildo?
4. It's a new type of pencil.

Face rollers are designed to be used to gently massage your face and stimulate the lymphatic system to decrease puffiness, ease tension and stimulate blood flow to increase your skin's glow.

3. We would love to see your facial expression looking at this beauty product. Anyway, what do you think it is?

1. It's just a bunch of mini Darth Vader.
2. It's used for dying hairs.
3. It's a diffuser for hair dryers.
4. Baby Yoda, is that you?

A diffuser spreads the airstream over a larger area in a more controlled manner, which is ideal for curly or wavy hair types since it helps to maintain the natural curl pattern.

4. What is this bag used for? (Hint: It's not a coffin case.)

1. It's a picnic basket.
2. It looks like a makeup case.
3. It's a coffin case as it is a trick question.
4. Is that where you put your shampoos and conditioners?

A makeup case is used for carrying cosmetics. Some female carry makeup case to allow them to reapply or touch up their makeup periodically.

5. What is the function of this piece of plastic that looks like a hat?

1. It's a menstrual cup used to collect period fluid.
2. It enlarges your breasts.
3. It enlarges your lips.
4. It's just a hat used by Mad Hatter!

Lip enhancers help to increase volume in your lips. This gives the lips a fuller and smoother appearance.

6. It seems like a spanner has been reduced to a size-zero figure. But anyway what is the name of this beauty product?

1. It's a double open-end wrench.
2. Is that a straw?
3. It's a comedones needle.
4. It's a highlighting and contour palette.

Comedonal needle is used to open and remove comedonal acne lesions.

7. Why do you think a female would want to use this alien-like ware?

1. It is used by female to communicate with the aliens.
2. To lift your skin up.
3. To remove dead cells of the skin.
4. It's an IUD birth control.

It is a massaging beauty roller used to lift up your skin up to prevent from wrinkles. 

8. This might not be found in every female's room but some have it. So can you guess what is it?

1. It's a finger separator.
2. It's a engagement ring holder.
3. It's a pacifier used to feed babies.
4. It's a wearable nail polish holder.

Wearable nail polish holder gives you a spill-proof manicure. It makes it easy to put nail polish on your nails. 

9. What is the purpose of this strange tube-like product?

1. To pee like a man!
2. To poop like an elite.
3. To get the blood out of the vagina during periods.
4. I have no idea. My mind went blank!

Female urination device (FUD) allows you to urinate while standing up which is a portable bathroom. It's neat and discreet ideal for camping, hiking, and outdoor activities. 

10. You must figure out what this beauty product is for. (Hint: It's silkworm cocoons, which are organic.)

1. Remove blackheads.
2. Remove ear wax.
3. Remove eye makeup.
4. Sighan ko lopra nikalna?

Natural silkworm cocoon balls are used to remove blackheads when it comes to skin and face care. It has anti-wrinkle and anti-aging properties, as well as increasing skin elasticity and moisturizing properties.

11. Another odd female product for you. Can you guess what it is for?

1. It's a body massage tool.
2. Got no idea. Mata unga bunga chu!
3. It is used for face massager.
4. It is used to remove callus.

This beauty product is used on the skin to treat common skin and foot (plantar) warts.

12. Why do you think a female would want it, even if it has picky needles on it?

1. Used to reduce signs of aging.
2. Used to soften your feet.
3. Ghar ko purano carpet safa garna.
4. Ris ko bela, afno buda lai hanna.

A derma roller is a beauty care product used to help rejuvenate the skin, treat acne scarring, and reduce signs of aging.

13. What is this cotton-swab lookalike with all those springs?

1. None
2. Unwanted hair remover.
3. Yo advanced cotton-swab ho.
4. Dead skin remover

The spring captures individual hairs and yanks them out by the root when you roll it over your face. Because it can grab more hair at once, it works significantly faster than threading.

14. What exactly is this silicon cup that a female carries with them?

1. Menstrual cup
2. Nipple protector when wearing a bra.
3. Female ko chiya peune cup.
4. Penis measure garne ninja technique!

A menstrual cup is a type of reusable feminine hygiene product. It’s a small, flexible funnel-shaped cup made of rubber or silicone that you insert into your vagina to catch and collect period fluid.

15. Here's a weird wrinkle-like thing. Are you able to figure out what it is?

1. Bronzer huna sakxa.
2. Female have a wrinkle collection hobby?
3. Yo trick question ho. This type of female product doesn't exist.
4. Highlighter jasto dekhinxa ta!

Bronzers are frequently used to achieve a sun-kissed look, particularly in the winter when pale skin is more common, or to seem tanned in the summer.

16. Given that female have a variety of brushes, what do you think this brush is for? You can take your sweet time for this one.

1. tyo pakkai pani lipstick hunu parxa.
2. Mukh safa garne brush?
3. Is that a brush? It looks like sponge balls though.
4. Is that a comb? I ran out of ideas.

It may be used on both your face and neck and its benefits on circulation will help you achieve firmer, longer-lasting skin. Facial brushes are better than anti-aging creams.

17. For some female, this beauty product has become an essential part of their daily routine. What do you think they're for?

1. Curly hair ko lagi naya solution.
2. Kapal korne kaiyo, ki ta joban arkai ko ho vana natra malai chahiyo
3. Separates your fingers while cutting nails.
4. Separate your toes while painting it.

This tool is made of a soft spongy substance that is used to separate the toes during pedicure procedures. It prevents contact between the toes during the application and drying of nail paint, making the job easier.

18. Yes, you guessed correctly. It's a roller, but what do female do with it?

1. To temporarily reduce puffiness.
2. It's a baby product, not female product. A trick question indeed!
3. Tel malis garne new technique?
4. Wax evenly spread garne tool.

Jade rollers are used to massage the skin softly. This helps the lymph nodes drain fluids and poisons from the face, reducing puffiness temporarily.

19. This is something you might come across in a restaurant. But, why do you think females carry them?

1. Momo khayepaxi daat kotauna.
2. Nails safa garna
3. Liquid makeup blend garna
4. Stick foods khana

This is a DIY trick for many females. It is used to blend liquid makeup.

20. Can you guess what is the name of this beauty product?

1. Eyelash Curler
2. Garlic Press
3. Lemon Squeezer
4. Hair Straightener

Eyelash curlers are a hand-operated beauty appliance that curls the hairs on your lashes to give them a lift. They are mostly used on upper eyelash hairs.

21. Final question: What exactly are these odd-looking beauty products? (Hint: It's not household cleaning sponges.)

1. Yo pakkai pani makeup blender huna sakxa
2. Simple, yo ta makeup applier ho!
3. Makeup cleaner
4. Is that makeup brush?

Beauty blenders or makeup sponges are nothing but tools used for blending and applying makeup products, especially foundation, blusher and concealer.

All 21 questions completed!

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Men, We Bet You Can’t Score 21/21 on This Quiz About Female Beauty Products

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