Rise of TikTok Influencers, E-Beggars and Its Influence on New Generation

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Unarguably one of the hottest social media sites attracting millions of people must be TikTok. The social media site has been the most downloaded application since the beginning of 2022 and has over 1 Billion monthly active users.

TikTok is an app for making short videos and sharing them. TikTok has given a platform to different kinds of talent and the expression of their art. Be it a dancer, singer, painter, musician, comedian, photographer, traveler, blogger, and so on, TikTok has been a go-to platform. With the addition of perfect music and shot, the view counts keep on increasing. It has also been a key marketing platform for business organizations.


The rise of TikTok has also paved a path for the rise of TikTok influencers who are the people with many followers. They are the people who encourage and motivate their audience to display their skills and motivate them to perform better in different areas of life. People try to imitate them in real life and are always updated about their life.

TikTok influencer’s main goal is to give the trendy vibe of being gen z’s cool kids and their main target audience is the young people. Their association with different brands allows them to create a short-form video that drives the audience toward them and promotes the brand.

Tiktok does have several aspects that are very advantageous to young people. If used intelligently, it is a platform to showcase your talent and craft. Several influencers are creating such an impact through their work, they have millions of followers and inspire them to pursue their passion and interests.

Some of the positive impacts of the TikTok influencers are:


Many of these influencers inspire their followers to be more creative with their life and try new things every day. It has positively impacted young people to find their passion as well. Young people seem to follow in the footsteps of their beloved influencers and work on their own craft. This is one positive aspect of these influencers.

Learning new things

Some influencers are presenting their talent in such a way that, others are inspired to learn the same things. They are even sharing their secrets and techniques and helping young people to learn new things every time they post. Be it some artists, chefs, photographers, video editors, writers, dancers, and so on, these influencers are creating a safe environment to teach new things to their audience.


Tiktok is a great platform for entertainment. The creation of a short-form video in less than 40 seconds is time-saving and has been attracting an audience for quick refreshment. It helps people to kill their boredom; even when they are having a bad day, a funny skit can brighten their day. The entertainment that TikTok gave during the pandemic when people were bored all day at their house cannot be forgotten.

But there are also tons of negative impacts, TikTok influencers have on the life of young people. We can break that down for you:

Negative comparisons

We know very well that our life is not cool as that of those influencers. The clothes they wear, the places they visit, the food they eat, and all the brand accessories they get from the brand endorsed are the form of a lavish and glamorous lifestyle. Whatever they show on TikTok is not far from reality. But young people are struggling to accept their life and compare their lifestyle with that of an influencer. They are comparing their life with theirs and all these negative comparisons are leading to mental health problems.


Some influencers are also spreading misinformation. They speak about public issues without fact-checking and are giving out the wrong information to their followers. Young people tend to support their favorite influencers blindfolded and will believe whatever they say.

Dividing audience

TikTok influencers do get tons of hate for their activities. But they have their young followers who will fight for them. Most of the active TikTok users are young people aged 10-19. Such young minds are unable to distinguish what is right to fight for. So, many of their followers are divided and young people are involved in conflicts from a young age.

Creating insecurity

The influencers have the smoothest skin, slim bodies, fair skin, beautiful hair, amazing curves, and tall figures. But what young people don’t know is that these influencers have all kinds of editing tools, filters and not forgetting the plastic surgery to look like that. Because of such unrealistic body standards, young girls are insecure about their bodies and reject to accept their natural form by imitating them and altering their body shape and image. They are just promoting the toxic body standard in young people.

Make people with regular jobs look boring

The life of an influencer seems very interesting and fun. They get to travel to different places and do tons of fun. Young people are easily lured by their life and want a similar lifestyle. Also, these influencers earn more money than professional doctors, engineers, etc. It is making people with regular jobs look dull. This is so bad because it will affect the future generation of doctors, engineers, pilots, accountants, business people, and so on. Young people don’t realize that people with regular jobs are still winning in life. And the life of these influencers is mostly a lie.

Wasting time

People are actually on TikTok for hours. They can easily spend their whole day engaging on TikTok. Young people are mostly addicted to trends and wasting their valuable time on TikTok instead of developing skills and building careers. One of the major effects of Tiktok is addiction.

Nepalese influencers

In our Nepalese society, some influencers are using it wrong. One such case would be the rise of asking for money on such platforms for some healthcare, medicine, charity, and social causes. Innocent people are robbed online on TikTok. They keep on donating money to such causes while in reality, it is simply a fraud. The cases of begging on TikTok are rising to such a level that they spend hours on TikTok live and ask for money. Bank accounts are given to people so they can donate money and be looted publicly. Such influencers are not doing their job and misleading society.

Like every platform, there is some negative and positive aspect. If used in a diligent way, TikTok can be a pool of knowledge and experiences. It depends upon how you use these resources. How are you using TikTok?

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