Dark Side of Beauty Pageants: Girl on TikTok Shares Story of Repetitive Sexual Abuse, Netizens React

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Sushmita Regmi, an aspiring model at the time, and a make-up artist on Instagram shared her story of being abused on TikTok, which quickly went viral, and netizens and celebrities rallied to her side.

Regmi on TikTok describes the horrifying incidents of repeated sexual abuse and negligence she experienced at the hands of elites.

Here’s her story, as told in a 20-part TikTok video series.

Part 1: Beauty Pagent Audition and Sushmita’s Contact with Abuser

She mentions her childhood acting career, which inspired her to become a model. She auditioned in the House of Fashion where she didn’t get selected at first. Later, her abuser and a photographer from a well-known media portal contacted her for a photoshoot and paid her Rs. 5,000. She was also given the opportunity to compete in a beauty pageant. Then she finished as the first runner-up in a beauty pageant choreographed by a former Miss Nepal.

Part 2: Raped in Celebration Event

Sushmita was called for a celebration party in the Everest hotel where the incident happened. A waiter handed her an iced lemonade and after 10-15 minutes she started feeling drowsy. For this, she asked the abuser to leave the place but was unable to leave the place. She was pressurized by the abuser to rest in the room booked by him. She remembers being raped and waking up in the aftermath.

Part 3: 20,000 Bribe and Manipulation

The next day, she found herself standing naked in front of the abuser through the mirror which was reflecting her naked body. The abuser blamed her for wanting money and asking to have sex with him.

Part 4: Rape Continuance for 6 Months

The abuser made her sleep with him and his friends for 6 months and she tried to censor the details as little as possible. But she revealed that the abuser was blackmailing her to do many bad deeds. One of them included her having to sleep with the abuser’s friends in front of the abuser. The incident was shared with her then-boyfriend and they confronted the abuser together in his office where things went down. She then called Miss Nepal to share her problems.

Part 5: Sushmita Regmi’s Idol

Sushmita Regmi told this to the then 33-year-old choreographer Malvika Subba. She exposed the abuser’s atrocious deeds to Malvhika Subba but instead, Malvika didn’t respond to her cries. She just brushed off her with a harsh response like “Balatakar hunu timro samasya ho mero haina.

Part 6: Sushmita Regmi Coming Out to Her Then-Boyfriend

Sushmita mentioned becoming 1st runner-up in the beauty pageant. She disclosed the incidents to the winner and 2nd runner-up but they didn’t listen to her. Later, she came out to her then-boyfriend where she found some composure.

Part 7: Nisha Pathak and Archana Panthi

She mentioned the winners of the beauty pageants as Nisha Pathak and Archana Panthi to whom she revealed her rape stories. But they also brushed it off just like Malvika.

Part 8: Dillibazar Agency

Sushmita Regmi mentioned her dream of being a model so she joined a modeling agency in Dillibazar. Alas, she also got abused there. Getting abused too much she switched her education field to BscIT but she was abused again.

Part 9: Mr. Tiwari

She revealed one of the abuser’s names to be Mr. Tiwari who was constantly abusing her with harsh comments. Tiwari guy also abused her by giving her cigarette burns in many places on her body.

Part 10: Her Medical Conditions

She talked about her medical conditions and how she is dealing with her problems till now. She reached the point that she tried to attempt suicide too.

Part 11: Abuser’s wife

Sushmita was unable to speak about this case to anyone so she tried to expose the abuser’s dirty deeds to his wife. But instead, the wife also brushed it off saying, “Sabbai models haru mero buda ko paxi parcha!

Part 12: 1st Therapist

As her mental health was deteriorating, she opened up her scars to the 1st therapist from Tinkuney. But rather the therapist turned out to be crooked. So she tried to do therapy herself.

Part 13: Microsoft Student Project

Sushmita was a part of a project where she had a group of 5 members. There were 4 guys in her group. Taking the topic of four guys in her group, Mr. Tiwari guy was harassing with comments and pointed her out to be characterless.

Part 14: Sushmita Regmi’s Other Idol

Mr. Rimal guy, one of her group members came to her rescue from Mr. Tiwari guy. Rimal guy helped her to get rid of the Tiwari guy due to which she started idolizing him. After passing time, Rimal guy proposed to her and they started going out. After two weeks of the relationship, Rimal guy started showing his colors.

Part 15: Friends With Benefits

As Sushmita Regmi was in a relationship, she didn’t want to have friends with benefits relationship with Rimal and talked about this to him.

Part 16: SB Solutions

In her 8th semester, she was working as a part of SB solutions in tinkuney as a content writer. She was abused there too but she mentioned she has a solid recording proof of the abuse. It all happened during the business trip.

Part 17: Regmi Talked to HR

As Regmi is alcohol intolerant, she insisted on not drinking on the business trip yet, she was forced to take a sip. After being drunk she was taken to the tent by two men. One of the men who was helping her to reach the tent sexually abused her. She talked about the issue with HR, however, HR brushed it off asking her to get proof instead.

Part 18: Nobody came to rescue Sushmita Regmi

She was unable to bear the pain so she exposed her abuse story to all the higher-ups/ seniors. However, nobody believed her. Sushmita saw the abuser, the guy who fingered her without consent during the office trip, roaming in the office for two/three days even though she exposed her.

Part 19: Mr. Yogi

Mr. Yogi guy was also part of SB solutions with whom she maintained a long-term relationship. Yogi helped her throughout her breakdowns and soothed her.

Part 20: Here’s Why Sushmita Regmi Finally Spoke About Her Trauma After All These Years

Finally, she stated that her story was shared to bring attention to the issue of predators in beauty pageants and to warn girls who may fall victim to these animals.

The video has gone viral on social media, capturing the attention of big-name celebrities as well as Nepali netizens. The complete story can be found here:

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