Things we all have done once while playing Clash of Clans

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Clash of Clans is one of the most popular games of all time. Most of us have enjoyed our time playing this game. The craze of this game was unreal back then. Even though many of us don’t play this game now this game has a special place in our hearts. This game brings us beautiful nostalgia. Here are the lists of things that we all have done once while playing COC. We hope this will bring some good memories to all of you.

Yelled at the troops even though we know they can’t hear us.

“Hey Queen why are you destroying the all, Go there my troops”

Save limited and rare trees or objects

We feel so sad while removing those objects. But we love to save them as far as possible.

Move the army  camp so the troops have to travel half of the village

They needed some exercise though

We all followed villagers and try to see what they do

But they just roam and clap

 Watch Youtube tutorial for making our base in Hindi

It was hard to make base on our own so we have to take help.

Regular viewer of General Tony

“Hello Everyone! It’s me General Tony and welcome back to my channel.”

general tony

Hate upgrading traps

Gosh, Why spend millions and several days on the tiny bomb?

Opened your own guild but failed

“Please come in my guild, I will make you co-leader.” We have once tried to open our guild but we failed.

Donated wrong troops to our friend

Donating archer instead of loons, we all love to irritate them doing this.

Attacked in war waking up in midnight

“Ohh!  Did I attack in war?”

Went to Random Clans and asked for co.

“Hey give me co, I will bring my town hall 11 account here”

Went to spy on opponent clans

*Hehehe I know where all the traps are, and their strategy*

Asked our brother for their coc account

“Please give me your second account”

We didn’t realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun.

We are all missing you clash of clans.

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