Victim of Sexual Harassment: Nepali’s Favorite Target for Insensitive Jokes

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Disclaimer: This article covers some insensitive and offensive jokes that some readers might not like.

There’s a limit to everything but that clearly doesn’t seem to apply to Nepalis. How? Well, the recent news of 7 years old boy, who was about to become a rape victim, has become Nepali’s favorite target for insensitive jokes.

A recent post shared by one of the renowned news portals contained a sensitive topic that was later followed by insensitive reactions and jokes. The incident happened in Jhapa which was undoubtedly the main reason behind those jokes. However, the other reason was the victim was a ‘boy’.

The number of ‘haha’ reactions on that post outnumbers every reaction and shows how Nepalis are faring this sensitive news lightly. You might argue this type of behavior is common among Nepalis forgetting how sensitive the incident is.

Your Typical Nepali Putting Humor in Everything

Humor or you would love to say the best way to get the attention of others, is truly an excellent tool to de-stress, address, and entertain. However, it shouldn’t be combined with the struggles of people who have experienced something outside of their control.

There is clearly a fine line that people should never ever cross when it comes to sexual harassment. But, it doesn’t apply to Nepalis so you might be thinking how dare we are being opinionated. Well, take a look at these so-called humorous jokes we have been forced to consume for ages naming it as “dark humor”.

Mamata Rawal 1
Lopsang lama
Aliza dangal

Even the top comment is so humorous that you will start questioning whether we Nepalis really know how much insensitivity such remarks carry.

kailash katwal

Just Because the Victim Belongs From Jhapa and Is a ‘Boy’

The whole comment section of the sensitive post was filled with two major things. One: Thank God, it’s from Jhapa, Two: Thank you god again, the victim is a boy. Nepalis might shrug it off by saying it’s dark humor not knowing how much it affects the victim of such a heinous incident.

Ramesh Dawadi
Jhapali Suman Sapkota
Nitesh Kumar Yadav
Geetu Shrestha

Who Is at the Fault?

The reaction to that post indicated what type of followers the renowned news portal has. However, either they are oblivious or just sweeping the dust under the rug. Their way of presenting the news might be one thing but in the end who are we to judge?

Is it the fault of Nepalis who are making such offensive and insensitive jokes? Or is it the Nepali followers who are consuming these jokes feeling nothing at all?

Victims of sexual harassment deserve support and respect. We Nepalis should understand that those victims shouldn’t be made to feel triggered merely for a few laughs. This is just basic decency that we Nepalis need to understand at all costs.

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