Why Dashain Won’t Have Same Charm and Excitement as Before?

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The great festival of all Nepalese is around the corner. Commonly known as ‘Badadashain‘, the biggest festival of Nepali brings families together for the celebration. The auspicious festival is celebrated as a symbol of victory of good over evil. It is a joyous occasion that brings positivity, excitement, and happiness among families.

Traditionally, Dashain is celebrated by visiting temples, worshipping gods, taking the blessing from elders cleaning the environment, playing cards, flying kites, and family gathering with a great feast. Dashain used to bring lots of excitement since the month of Asoj starts. However, the charm of Dashain seems to be fading over the years and the excitement no longer seems to be like it used to be once.

1. People don’t fly kites anymore

Some years before, you could see a large number of kites in the sky during the time of Dashain. Flying a kite during the Dashain festival used to be a mandatory game. But, in recent years, very few kites are seen in the skies. People used to be crazy about flying kites. They would run to their balcony and fly their kites high in the sky. Now, it’s a rare scene and has somewhat lost its charm.

2. Inflation has hit people high

One thing that makes the season of Dashain exciting is the shopping. Dashain is the time of the year when people buy new clothes, commodities, furniture, utensils, electronics, etc. It is considered an auspicious occasion for buying new things. But inflation has hit the Nepalese market as high as 8% due to the corona crisis and the Ukraine war. With the increase in every product from cooking oil to clothes, it is difficult for average families to spend extravagantly on Dashain. They have to be very careful while purchasing any items which will make Dashain a little dull.

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3. Schools don’t give a month-long vacation

School children used to be over the moon for a month-long holiday for Dashain and Tihar. They used to visit different places, go to their cousin’s house, play and have fun all the holiday month. But due to the coronavirus affecting the academic calendar, schools have reduced the holiday and school reopens right after the Dashain. So, it will be a little saddening thing for them with a few holidays and tons of vacation assignments.


4. Migrant workers returning home are also declining

Dashain used to be an ideal time to return home for migrant workers. It used to be a time for reuniting families and bringing them together. But the recent unemployment problem has done quite the opposite. Many people are leaving the country during the festival and those who are abroad are also having a hard time returning home due to several problems. The excitement for your family members returning used to be one of the blessings of Dashain. However, many families rely on remittance to celebrate Dashain with joy.

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5. Nobody is interested in playing Ping

Another activity that used to do with all the joy was to ride a bamboo swing “Linge Ping”. But such swings are found in a few numbers in recent years. Years before, the young generation would come together and construct the swing. But due to the lack of interest among young people and lack of space in urban areas, the tradition of Linge Ping is declining. And, it’s a sad thing because Dashain used to represent these things but no more. However, we can find linge ping in remote areas but even there, it is decreasing.

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6. Life is getting busier

Before, people used to stop working from Gathasthapana and start celebrating it from the first day of the Dashain. But now, people are working till the sixth day of the 15- day long festival. Schools and colleges too resume on the Sixth day. It is due to the busy life of people. They are working even during the festival due to economical hardships. And, Dashain does bring a bit of a burden to them as it is an extravagant festival and they need money. Hence, they work harder to fulfill the needs and demands of the family to the last bit.

7. Dashian being taken as a vacation rather than a festival

Dashain is a festival and the Dashain holiday is given to celebrate it with families. Dashain holiday is marked so that people can spend quality time with their families and celebrate the victory of good over evil. However, over the years Dashain seems like a holiday for a vacation to different destinations places inside the country, or abroad instead of celebrating it at the home with the family members worshipping the god and enjoying the family gathering with great food. People are just exploring places like a vacation instead of celebrating like a festival which has further faded its significance.

Nevertheless, Dashain remains one of the most beloved festivals of the Nepali people. Though some traditions and rituals are not performed as before, Dashain will always be celebrated with great joy and love. Tell us how are you celebrating your Dashain.

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