Worst She Can Say Isn’t “No”, Lowest Responses to “I Love You” People Have Received

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Confessing your feelings for the first time is quite stressful no matter how romantic it seems. A series of contradictory thoughts start emerging like “What if they don’t respond at all?”, “What if they ignore you?”, and most importantly “What would be the worst way they would respond to ‘I love you’ so I can warm up my fragile heart?”

Many of us use “I love you” to express our feelings however there are people out there who just convey their emotions through gestures or with some slang. Nevertheless, the majority of us would love to use these three magical and mystical words to express our feelings. Things don’t always go as planned as the other person might not return the feelings same as you.

If this is your first time expressing your feelings then buckle up your delicate heart since there are some worst responses to your ‘I love you.’ However, if you’ve been turned down harshly by your crush or your ex-lover when you poured everything and expressed ‘I love you’, then this might trickle into your wounded heart. Like these poor Redditors, who shared their hilarious experiences of getting the bubble of love burst in the most dreadful ways.

1. “Ew”

“In 6th grade, someone found out I had a crush on a girl that I hardly talked to.
These horrible children went to tell her immediately.
I watched them whisper in her ear and she turned to me and screamed ‘Ew’ loud enough the whole cafeteria turned.”



2. “I love your sister more”

“That was my cousin’s boyfriend’s response. The guy ended up marrying the younger sister.
Talk about an awkward wedding.”



3. “That’s unfortunate”

“My ex said looked down sadly and said “yeah… I noticed. I’m sorry about that”
Still stayed and hoped for the best, till she broke up with me after my dad died and I spent a month away to make sure everything was in order (including a legal battle with an ex-coworker of his) because she didn’t think about the relationship at all and her feel kind of went away. (The ex not the coworker)
I get it and don’t blame her or hold any grudges or bad feelings but boy was that a knife in the heart. Although a bit relieving tbh it was a very tiring dynamic for me the whole will we won’t we thing.
Luckily I met an amazing girl a month after that and we really hit it off and are now living together, and I love her with all my heart and she loves me too!”



4. Leaving the message on read

“I used to convince myself she was too excited to respond to my text with a deep hollow feeling in my chest/throat and regret on the back of my mind.”



5. “Thanks”

“As a teenager, my friend waited three whole days after a 2-minute voice-text confession and finally responded with just… ‘Thanks'”



6. “Awwww, that’s so sweet”

“This happened to me, the sentence that follows always starts with ‘… but'”



7. “I’m sorry, your name is?”

“Happened to me once, but I was the one who said something like that.
Essentially, a person from gym class confessed their love, but I had really never talked to them before outside of saying hi. I said something a bit softer than that quote exactly, something like “I’m flattered but honestly, I don’t even know your name.” A smart person would follow this up with something about actually getting to know each other and going from there.
I’m not a smart person. I still don’t know what their name is. I cringe about it to this day, sorry, whatever your name was.”



8. “Sorry.”

“Got this in my senior year of high school after confessing to my crush. It was followed by ‘Please don’t say that.'”



9. “Haha cheers”

“This one is the worst. If she says sorry at least you know she is not interested. With this, you are in a way rejected but can’t be 100% sure.”



10. “You’re joking!”

“Oh cringe… a long time ago I said something similar to a girl I had a crush on.
We were at a party and she came and sat on my lap and said “I love you”.
Music was loud and her saying it to me took me by surprise.
So, after what seemed like 10mins, but was probably 2 seconds too long. I replied, “ha, you are joking right?”
I’ll never forget the dejected look on her face, and then her just replying “yeah, it was just a joke” then she left.
I was young and too socially awkward to chase after her and let her know my mistake. ugh!”



11. Silence response

“Silence, followed by her rolling over in the bed and saying “What do you want me to say to that?” A couple more seconds of silence and then “I slept with my ex last weekend”.
Source the girl I was seeing the last couple of months.”



12. “Okay.”

“Said this to a good friend when he told me he had feelings for me and I still feel awful about it”



13. “I love me more than you do!”

“I’m a little late, but when I was younger I had a girl text me a picture saying she loved me, and I responded ‘I bet I love me more than you do.'”

i love me more
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